Allison Parliament’s cause of death confirmed
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Allison Parliament’s cause of death confirmed

You may not know her by name, but chances are you know her by reputation. Allison Parliamentthe founder of the viral Duck Duck Jeep movement, died suddenly at her home on June 22. Read on to find out the cause of her death.

In case you didn’t know, Jeep Ducking is a movement where people put rubber ducks on Jeeps as a “small gesture to say, hey, ‘nice Jeep.'” It started during the pandemic after a congresswoman had a bad experience driving from the United States to Canada. She was at a gas station and a man started yelling at her that she needed to go back to her country, saying she was “a dirty American who was spreading COVID and just wanted to hurt people.”

Parliament was a bit roughed up and down but wanted to turn this negative experience into a positive one so she bought a bunch of rubber ducks to play a prank on a friend. On the way she saw a beautiful Jeep. While she was Jeep Ducking the owner came over to see what was going on and ended up loving the idea. Thus was born #duckduckjeep.

Allison’s mother, Cheryl Parliament, shared the news of her daughter’s passing.

“Allison passed away on June 22 at her home in Canada of natural causes, in peace and quiet.” She said the family is still processing the news and is at peace knowing “how much joy our daughter brought to the people in the Jeep community and beyond.”

She ended her message with an encouraging note: “Keep sneaking out and spreading the kindness she started.”

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