Republicans are pursuing energy dominance without addressing climate.
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Republicans are pursuing energy dominance without addressing climate.

The new Republican Party platform emphasizes increasing U.S. energy production while avoiding any reference to climate change and environmental concerns.

Timothy Cama reports E&E News.

In short:

  • The Republican Party intends to boost U.S. energy production and streamline the federal permitting process if Trump is re-elected.
  • The program approved by the Republican Party committee is concise and focuses on deregulating the energy sector.
  • Unlike the 2016 Platform, this document does not address climate change, greenhouse gases or environmental issues.

Key Quote:

“Republicans will unleash energy production from all sources, including nuclear, to immediately lower inflation and power American homes, cars, and factories with reliable, abundant, and affordable energy.”

— Republican Party Platform

Why is this important:

The GOP’s focus on energy production without addressing climate issues could exacerbate environmental problems and hamper efforts to combat climate change. Critics say ignoring climate change is a step backward, especially as the effects of global warming become more visible and urgent. Environmentalists say prioritizing short-term economic gains over long-term sustainability could have dire consequences for both the planet and future generations.