Portage Life in Focus: Andrew Pleasant
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Portage Life in Focus: Andrew Pleasant

Andrew Pleasant, a rising sophomore at Marquette Catholic High School in Michigan City, has been immersed in the world of sports since he was a young boy. With a passion that runs deep in his family roots, Pleasant’s athletic talents led him to earn a spot on the varsity team in three sports as a freshman. Through hard work, dedication, and the support of his family, Pleasant has continued to achieve personal growth and academic success.

“I’ve lived in Portage my whole life,” Pleasant said. “My love of sports comes from my parents, who both played sports when they were younger. They got me involved in athletics at a very young age, starting with football and basketball, and it just grew from there.”

Pleasant’s parents transferred him to Marquette last academic year to help him develop his career as an athlete and student. Since the transfer, Pleasant has had a whirlwind of athletic experiences, each of which has left an indelible mark on his path.

“My favorite memory to date is scoring two goals in a soccer game against Oregon Davis Junior-Senior High School,” Pleasant said. “My other favorite memory is baseball, when I got my first hit in the first game of the season.”

Pleasant’s commitment to athletics is evident in his dedication to three sports: football, basketball, and baseball. He received varsity letters in all three sports, but plans to switch from football to cross country in the upcoming school year.

“My family is always there to push me to be better or do my best at what I do,” Pleasant said. “They always support me in whatever I choose, like moving from soccer to cross country.”

Pleasant credits her family for their unwavering support, both athletically and academically. She cites her mother at the forefront of her support because of the sacrifices she makes to ensure her children have the best opportunity to succeed.

“My mom, who was a nurse for 22 years before becoming a real estate agent, is a true inspiration,” Pleasant said. “She spent a lot of time in real estate school while she was a nurse, and she still made time for us. She’s my motivation academically, but athletically, my parents are at every game. With my sister Marissa, there’s always a family rivalry because she’s my twin. She always wants to be better than me, and I always want to be better than her, but it motivates us both to be better.”

Pleasant’s testimony of his family’s unwavering support also extends to the challenges he has faced as an athlete. While injuries are an inevitable part of sports, Pleasant faced a significant challenge when he underwent surgery earlier in the year. He again credits his family for being the catalyst that pushed him through the experience.

“I would say I’m 90 percent recovered at this point,” Pleasant said. “It was tough being out for six weeks, but I was determined to come back. I was back playing baseball after just two weeks.”

This summer, Pleasant’s love of baseball led to his involvement with the Duneland Flyers, a travel baseball and softball program based in Chesterton. Pleasant’s baseball team traveled from June 18-21 to Niceville, Florida, to compete in the 2024 15U PG Gulf Coast World.

“We finished second in the world series,” Pleasant said. “We played a total of eight games in the heat, but it was a lot of fun.”

Pleasant takes pride in his education and the opportunities his community has provided him to enhance his athletic and academic experiences. Pleasant has many memories and encouragement from his Portage community.

“I think Portage is a pretty good community,” Pleasant said. “I went to schools in Portage until this year and the education was decent. There seems to be a lot of good people from Portage. What I like about the town is that it has pretty much everything. There’s Founders Square with lots of places to visit, like Market on the Square. I love everything they’re adding to the community. I especially like their updates to the public library, it looks really nice.”

Pleasant is starting the next chapter of high school and currently has his eyes on architecture or engineering. His dream school is currently Purdue University Lafayette because its engineering program is the best in the country. He plans to continue his studies in academics or sports, or both. He plans to continue to make his family and community happy.