Valpo’s Life in Focus: Arman Sarkisian
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Valpo’s Life in Focus: Arman Sarkisian

Family ties are strong in some Region families, with parents and grandparents laying down roots decades ago. That’s true for Arman Sarkisian, a longtime resident and partner in the Sarkisian family law firm Sarkisian & Associates PC

Sarkisian graduated from Valparaiso High School before heading south to attend Nova Southeastern University, where he played football and earned a bachelor’s degree. He then returned to Indiana to pursue law school at Indiana University Maurer School of Law.

Sarkisian went to law school not with the intention of becoming a lawyer, but because he saw value in the degree and hoped it would help him in his career. Before he graduated, he spoke with his uncle about his future. His uncle founded a law firm in 1975 that would become what Sarkisian is today, Sarkisian & Associates PC

“My uncle said he would make a deal with me, offering me a job at the company, but if I didn’t like it, there would be no hard feelings if I wanted to leave,” Sarkisian said. “I agreed to a promise that he would tell me if I wasn’t doing well at work. That was 14 years ago, in September.”

The majority of the firm’s work is in the personal injury field. With six attorneys and 12 paralegals working in the Valpo and Portage offices, they are busy in the office and in the courtroom.

The firm primarily represents members of the Region community and works hard to do what is right for their clients. About 60% of their cases are in Porter County, 35% in Lake County, and the remaining 5% is a mix of surrounding counties and Chicago.

“When you look at it from a community perspective, we are part of the community, and because of that, it’s the same people who were once clients who end up on juries for our other cases,” Sarkisian said. “The ultimate goal is to resolve or settle all of our clients’ cases so that they, in turn, feel inclined to do what’s right for other members of the community.”

A family business that has operated for generations naturally means having numerous family members in the area and maintaining a balance between work and play.

Outside of work, Sarkisian keeps busy by walking his two dogs and hiking in Indiana Dunes National Park. He keeps his soccer game going in a local men’s league. He also enjoys golf, traveling to Tennessee and trying new restaurants in the area with his family.

“Even though we all work together, our family is pretty close in and out of the office. We’re always together in one way or another,” Sarkisian said.

Sarkisian notes two things that make him want to continue living in the Region: family and business.

“My uncle really took the beating and went through some tough times to build the foundation of what the firm is today. We were fortunate enough to come in and join him and help him grow the practice on the foundation he built,” Sarkisian said.

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