Great, great!  News and views for Wednesday, July 10, 2024 – Catholic World Report
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Great, great! News and views for Wednesday, July 10, 2024 – Catholic World Report

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Pass on the Flame – “The world would be a poorer place with fewer cultural practices, in somewhat the same way that it is impoverished by the loss of animal species. This, I hope, is uncontroversial.” The problem of religious traditionalists (The Critic)

Magisterial Authority – “Víctor Manuel Fernández has been busy during his first year in office. But has it been effective?” Cardinal Fernandez’s First Year: Undermining His Own Magisterium (The Catholic Thing)

History, Authority, and Tradition – “Fr. Thomas Weinandy has recently penned a fine article on The Catholic Thing that begins by noting how saturated our culture and even our Church have become with the symbols of the LGBTQ ‘Pride’ movement.” Heidi Schlumpf’s Great Disservice to Aquinas’ Charism and Theology (Word on Fire)

After the Fall – “(W)hat we need now is a robust account of the nature of man and woman, one grounded in science, philosophy, and Scripture.” Man, Woman, and the Fall from Grace (What We Need Now – Substack)

FBI Whistleblower – “According to a whistleblower, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is revoking the security clearances of agents who are lean conservative or who have decided not to take the COVID shot.” FBI reportedly revoking clearances of conservative, ‘unvaccinated’ agents (CatholicVote)

Revitalizing the Church – “Are the parish closings and consolidations occurring regularly in archdioceses and dioceses of the United States a simple function of the absence of material resources?” Material Poverty, or an Impoverished Spirituality? (Catholic Stand)

Bioethics Novel – “They want to tell you it’s not the right time to have children. And as far as they’re concerned, there is no right time to have children.” Totality: A Fictional Catholic Approach to Bioethics (Building Catholic Culture)

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