No respite for Mahathir as he celebrates his 99th birthday
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No respite for Mahathir as he celebrates his 99th birthday

Dr Mahathir Mohamad turns 99 today, but for the former leader, who has been in London since last week, there is no respite in his schedule as he rushes from one meeting to the next with students, activists and community leaders.

The characteristic energy with which he still moves even though he is just a year away from his centenary has been noticed by many well-wishers who have flooded his social media pages with birthday wishes.

On the eve of his birthday, he attended two events where he answered questions about issues affecting the Muslim world.

The Gaza war dominated discussions at both events, with the former prime minister criticising the inaction of Muslim countries, saying non-Muslim nations had been more forthright in seeking justice for the Palestinians.

He also said that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation had proven insignificant and that Muslim countries should use their oil wealth to act against countries that aid Israel’s war machine.

In a speech at an event attended by prominent British Muslim leaders, Mahathir, considered Malaysia’s most influential prime minister, particularly during his first term, spoke about effective governance and shared his experience in leading Malaysia through significant transformations.

The audience also asked about Mahathir’s health, to which he replied that he follows a disciplined lifestyle.

“The meeting was not only a rare opportunity to hear from a legendary leader, but also a call to action for the Muslim community to unite, excel and uphold the principles of their faith in all aspects of life.

“The leaders’ meeting with Dr Mahathir Mohamad was a testament to the power of wisdom, experience and the enduring relevance of Islamic teachings in contemporary leadership and governance,” said a commentary published by Islam Channel, a leading independent Muslim satellite television channel in the UK.