Oracle and Palantir to Help Businesses and Governments Leverage Cloud and AI Innovation
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Oracle and Palantir to Help Businesses and Governments Leverage Cloud and AI Innovation

Oracle announced that Foundry Platform and Palantir AI Platform have achieved Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certification and are generally available as part of the company’s distributed cloud deployment options. Oracle’s distributed cloud, AI infrastructure, and sovereign AI capabilities, combined with Palantir’s AI and decision acceleration platforms, help businesses and governments accelerate AI initiatives.

In addition to OCI’s distributed cloud offering, which includes public cloud regions, Palantir’s Foundry and AIP solutions will be available in dedicated OCI, Alloy, Government Cloud, Roving Edge, and Oracle-isolated regions for defense and intelligence customers.

According to a company press release, Foundry and AIP solutions deployed on OCI can provide enterprises with the benefits of OCI’s flexible compute infrastructure, which enables improved performance, efficiency and security.

“Our partnership with Oracle helps our global customers take advantage of the latest innovations in cloud computing and artificial intelligence while meeting their regulatory, performance and security needs,” said Josh Harris, CEO of Palantir.

Oracle announced that with OCI sovereign cloud solutions, enterprises can meet regulatory, security, and performance requirements while enjoying the benefits of cloud and artificial intelligence.

“Oracle’s powerful and flexible cloud infrastructure, combined with Palantir’s decision acceleration platforms, helps customers rapidly scale AI capabilities across their operations. This will enable customers to fully leverage their data while meeting sovereignty and security standards,” said Rand Waldron, executive vice president, Oracle.