KaMhlushwa residents appeal for help as sewage allegedly flows down streets
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KaMhlushwa residents appeal for help as sewage allegedly flows down streets

Residents of the area say they have been exposed to health hazards for years and no one has come to their aid. They have accused Dr. Adekunle Mashood of negligence, saying the block he built has a leaking sewage that flows into their homes.

According to Maria Mkhabela, one of the residents worst affected by the sewage disaster, they have reportedly held a series of meetings with Mashood to try to find a solution, but no action has been taken so far.

“I have been living with this health hazard for years and Mashood seems to be unwilling to help. The pipe ends in the middle of nowhere and the sewage spills out onto the road all the way to our homes. I live at the end of the road so this affects me the most. To make matters worse, I sell traditional beer at home and I always have a few people gather for a drink which exposes them to this hazard. We have tried digging holes to divert the sewage but nothing seems to work. During the rainy season, students have to walk through them to get to school. We also have wheelchair users in the area and they have to walk through them too,” said Mkhabela.

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Mashood dismissed the claims made by community members, saying the system was intact and maintained.

“It’s not true that whatever is flowing through that pipe is sewage from the block. The building is properly maintained, including the sewage system, so it’s all lies. Maybe it’s shower water from the apartments because it wasn’t connected to the sewage system, but that’s absolutely it and nothing more,” he said.

Source of alleged sewage that allegedly leads to an apartment block.

Nkomazi local government spokesman Cyril Ripinga said they were not aware of the situation but would contact environmental health specialists from Ehlanzeni district government for further investigation.

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“One of the challenges we face in areas like the one in question is that the municipality was not consulted before they settled. People simply find a piece of land and settle without any consent from the municipality. However, now that we are aware of the issue, we will contact the relevant professionals to investigate as it is a health hazard for the members of the community exposed to the leak,” he said.

Apparently sewage flows through the streets of KaMhlushwa.