Rutherford County Schools Unveils New Branding, Marketing Initiative
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Rutherford County Schools Unveils New Branding, Marketing Initiative

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – With a month to go before the start of the school year, Rutherford County Schools are showing off their new look.

RCS on Tuesday unveiled its new branding and marketing initiative.

(Source: Rutherford County Schools)

“Branding is more than just a new logo. It is a significant, strategic initiative that helps define the organization, its message and its image,” said schools Superintendent Dr. Jimmy Sullivan in a statement.

The new marketing plan cost the district $85,000 and was met with resistance from some community members who felt it was not a good use of funds.

However, RCS Chief Communications Officer James Evans said there are limits to how federal funds from COVID-related relief initiatives can be used.

“It was one of those situations where we had to use it or lose it,” Evans said. “And so we thought it would be a good investment because it wasn’t being used in classroom programs…we already had a lot of those programs for those who received that funding…we had exhausted a lot of those opportunities.”

Evans added that in today’s climate, it is important for a school district to have a strong brand.

“It’s just the reality of public education today that we have to market ourselves like a business,” he said. “We know that charter schools and vouchers and things like that, private schools, homeschooling, all the different options that parents have, those options are not going away.”

Evans hopes the new brand and associated marketing strategy will highlight all the options RCS can offer students and families.

He added that one of his goals for the upcoming school year is to inform people about the career and college preparation opportunities RCS offers.

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“People tend to know what their schools are good at… they don’t really know what else is offered, so if they had a high school in the next town over, they might not know they had a culinary arts or construction or dentistry program that their kids could study,” he said.

You can watch the brand’s promotional video here and find out more here.