Media group under scrutiny in Republican Party report for allegedly censoring conservatives
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Media group under scrutiny in Republican Party report for allegedly censoring conservatives

The media coalition is under fire in a new report from the GOP-led House Judiciary Committee, accusing it of censoring conservatives and, according to the Republican majority, violating antitrust law.

The report, released Wednesday, focuses on the impact of the Global Alliance for Responsible Media, “a cross-industry initiative established by the World Federation of Advertisers to address harmful content on digital media platforms and its monetization through advertising,” according to GARM. But Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee, led by its chairman, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), say GARM is trying to deprive conservative media outlets of advertising dollars.

“GARM and its members discussed a strategy to block certain news outlets, such as Fox News, Everyday CableAND Breitbart News“, the commission said in the report, citing an email from a GARM-linked executive in which he claimed he “hated their ideology and nonsense.”

This Washington Examiner reported last August that social media platform X relied on GARM to tell it what ads were running on its site. This despite the fact that, according to a congressional report, GARM “recommended that its members ‘halt() all paid advertising’ on Twitter in response to Mr. Musk’s takeover of the company.”

Republicans argue that GARM violated antitrust law by coordinating censorship of conservatives with various entities.


“Twenty years ago, the Supreme Court described collusion as the ‘ultimate evil of antitrust law.’ That description remains true today,” the report says. “If collusion among powerful corporations with the ability to collectively demonetize, and ultimately eliminate, certain views and voices continues, the ability of countless American consumers to choose what to read and listen to, and even to have their speech or writing reach other Americans, will be destroyed.”

The report particularly cites the work of the British group Global Disinformation Index, which Washington Examiner it was revealed during the investigation that he tried to block conservative media from accessing advertising money and received funding from the government.

This Washington Examiner contacted GARM for comment.