Steven A. Hann Presents Webinar “EPA’s New Drinking Water Regulations for PFAS” to Pennsylvania Municipal Authority Association
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Steven A. Hann Presents Webinar “EPA’s New Drinking Water Regulations for PFAS” to Pennsylvania Municipal Authority Association

Hamburg, Rubin, Mullin, Maxwell and Lupin is pleased to inform you that Steven A. Hann, Attorney at Law was the sole speaker at the Pennsylvania Association of Municipal Governments webinar titled “EPA’s New PFAS Drinking Water Regulations.”

In this webinar, Steve focused on the PFAS regulations issued by the EPA in April 2024. He discussed the EPA regulation establishing enforceable limits for certain PFAS in drinking water, including the use of the Hazard Index to regulate mixtures of PFAS compounds, the new initial monitoring requirements, and how to determine compliance with the regulation’s current monitoring requirements. In addition, Steve discussed another new EPA regulation designating certain PFAS as hazardous substances under CERCLA and the impact of such regulation on, among other things, public water systems and wastewater treatment plants. In reference to this regulation, Steve explained a concurrently issued EPA policy document regarding how the federal agency intends to implement this new regulation.

Steve has been actively involved in a variety of PFAS-related matters throughout his practice, including numerous presentations at seminars and webinars and submitting comment letters to the EPA and DEP on PFAS-related initiatives. He represents a diverse client base, including municipalities, municipalities, businesses, builders, and developers. Steve personally handles all aspects of a sophisticated environmental law practice, including environmental litigation with federal and state governmental agencies and private parties, advising/representing clients on regulatory, permitting, and compliance matters, and guiding clients on environmental issues arising in business and real estate transactions. Steve also provides clients with experienced counsel on federal and state legislative and regulatory developments.

As the Eastern Regional Counsel (responsible for the eastern half of Pennsylvania) for the Pennsylvania Municipal Authority Association, an organization representing the interests of over 700 municipalities in Pennsylvania, Steve regularly works with PMAA staff on matters related to the operation and management of municipal governments and legislative and regulatory initiatives affecting municipal governments. He provides guidance to PMAA member governments and corporate clients on a variety of municipal government issues, including general water, wastewater, and environmental issues; stormwater management; permitting; regulatory compliance; wastewater facility planning; waste management; board member concerns; water collection fees and rates; water and wastewater regulations; and compliance with state procurement and bidding requirements. In addition, Steve provides experienced counsel on a variety of statutes, such as the Municipal Authority Act, the Sunshine Act, the Right-to-Know Law, and the Ethics Act. Steve has been appointed both attorney and special counsel to municipal entities and has been retained as both an expert witness and mediator in municipal government matters.

He is also a frequent author and speaker on both environmental and municipal law issues. Since 2010, Steve has participated or been the sole presenter in over one hundred thirty (130) seminars/webinars and continuing education courses. Steve has also contributed to the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development publication, Municipal Authorities in Pennsylvania.

Steve’s law practice is supported by his scientific and technical background. He holds bachelor’s degrees in meteorology (Penn State) and geology (Mississippi State University “MSU”) and a certificate in broadcast meteorology from MSU. Prior to Temple University School of Law, Steve was an environmental consultant to both industry and government. He was first employed as a meteorologist, focusing on air quality and air pollution problems. Steve then served on the EPA’s Field Investigation Team for the federal Superfund program, where he participated in various activities related to the investigation and remediation of hazardous waste sites. In this capacity, Steve was selected by EPA Headquarters to travel around the country as a speaker at EPA-sponsored training on hazardous waste site inspections.

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