After several downtown businesses were vandalized, the city will now discuss safety
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After several downtown businesses were vandalized, the city will now discuss safety

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — For several months now, we have been tracking crime incidents affecting small business owners in downtown Las Vegas.

This week, Tacotarian posted a video on Instagram showing a man throwing a rock through the glass window of their home.

In the post, the company writes, “Arts District businesses are under attack daily.”

When our team visited Tacotarian on Wednesday, a tall, boarded-up window was visible from the outside.

Sou Vit Phansan, head chef at DE Thai Kitchen on 3rd Street, said they have also been victims of vandalism there.

In April, Phansan said two vandals broke into their establishment early one morning while the restaurant was closed and took the cash register. The act was captured on a surveillance camera.

WATCH: Surveillance footage shows what happened when two vandals broke into DE Thai Kitchen:

Surveillance footage shows break-in at DE Thai Kitchen

“It happened so quickly,” Phansan said. “The glass was shattered and everything was mixed up.”

The recording shows a man throwing an object at a glass window, after which another man enters and takes the cash register.

Phansan says even one attack is a huge blow to their small, family-owned business.

“It costs us a few thousand dollars just to get back on our feet,” Phansan said.

In March, Channel 13 also interviewed Taylor Chaney, owner of Dig It! Coffee, after the location was vandalized.

WATCH: Listen to Taylor Chaney’s Reaction to the Hack That Cost Her Company Thousands of Dollars in Losses

Downtown Las Vegas Business Break-ins Cause Thousands of Dollars of Damage

“It’s kind of a violation of the rules when someone comes into the space you created,” Chaney said at the time.

Channel 13 wanted to know if the city is doing anything to help small business owners affected by crime.

We sent an email requesting to speak to Councilwoman Olivia Diaz, who represents District 3, where the city center is located.

A city spokesperson told us there will be a safety meeting in the Arts District on Thursday with Councilwoman Diaz and representatives from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police.

The spokesman also wrote:

“Councillor Diaz worked with businesses and Metro Police to address concerns and bring this coalition together to help all businesses in the area. Additionally, the city worked with businesses to provide evening and early morning security for employees and customers who may need an escort to nearby parking lots.”

At DE Thai Kitchen, Phansan said they have fortunately not been hit again since April, and the community has been very supportive. But given the number of businesses attacked, Phansan always fears another blow.

“There’s nothing you can do about it,” Phansan said. “Just pray or something. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again.”