Prague Zoo Celebrates Rare Birth of Chinese Pangolin
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Prague Zoo Celebrates Rare Birth of Chinese Pangolin

A newborn Chinese pangolin is weighed at the Prague Zoo in Prague, Czech Republic, Wednesday, July 10, 2024. The female endangered animal was born on July 1, 2024. This is the second time

A second Chinese pangolin has been born at Prague Zoo, marking a significant milestone in conservation efforts for the critically endangered species. The female pangolin was born on July 1 weighing just 141 grams, but has shown promising growth, gaining about 10 grams a day. She is expected to weigh 250 grams by the end of the week, with adult pangolins reaching up to 6.8 kilograms.

The birth comes less than two years after the first Chinese pangolin, named Cone, was born in captivity in Europe. The successful breeding of these pangolins is a testament to the dedication and expertise of the zoo staff.

Prague Zoo received a male and female Chinese pangolin from Taipei Zoo in 2022, with the main goal of ensuring their well-being and health. The unexpected birth of two pangolins in a short time exceeded all expectations and brought joy to the zoo staff.

The Chinese pangolin is native to southern China and Southeast Asia and is one of four species of pangolin in Asia. These mammals are seriously threatened by illegal hunting for their scales and meat, making conservation efforts crucial to their survival.

A female pangolin born on July 1st shows promising growth and health results.
Birth of second Chinese pangolin at Prague Zoo, a milestone in nature conservation.
The birth follows the successful breeding of the first Chinese pangolin in Europe.
Prague Zoo received male and female pangolins from Taipei Zoo in 2022.

Breeding Chinese pangolins in captivity is difficult due to their specific dietary requirements, which include drone larvae, as well as the need for precise humidity and temperature levels in their enclosure. Prague Zoo’s success in breeding them underscores their commitment to species conservation.

Prague Zoo is only the second European zoo to house Chinese pangolins, following strict protocols to ensure the welfare of these endangered animals. A decision to partner with Taipei Zoo to protect the environment has led to the successful breeding of the pangolins, despite political tensions stemming from the partnership agreement between Prague and Taipei.

Collaboration between Taipei and Prague Zoos has played a key role in the conservation of China’s pangolins, demonstrating the positive impact international partnerships can have on wildlife conservation.