Four gamers have been competing in this insane contest for five months
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Four gamers have been competing in this insane contest for five months

Four gamers have been competing in this insane contest for five months
The world’s biggest gamers have been found (Steam)

Over 2,800 gamers joined the True Achievements competition that has gotten out of control, but only four competitors now remain.

It’s not exactly the Esports World Cup, which is currently ongoing with a prize pool of £49 million across 21 games, but True Achievements does have a contest called Leap Year Frog.

The idea is that anyone who wants to can participate and the winner is the one who has completed achievements in the most amount of games.

The competition started on February 1 with 2,805 contestants, and now, over five months later, there are still four participants going strong.

‘The goal of the Leap Year Frog contest is simple; earn at least one achievement in one more game than you did in the previous 24-hour period or you will get eliminated from the contest.’ the True Achievements website states.

To put the four remaining contestants’ incredible accomplishments into context, today is the 160th day since the Leap Year Frog competition began, which means they had to secure at least one achievement in 160 different games today alone.

They had to get 159 achievements yesterday and 158 the day before, and so on.

It’s very impressive but it hardly seems worth it considering that the winner, after spending all that time hunting achievements in 160 games, only wins one day of True Achievements Pro membership for each day they survived the contest, according to the website.

Leap Year Frog logo
What a strange competition (Leap Year Frog)

The four remaining contestants are Cyberber, BrutishMuffin, Black Blood, and Huaracocha.

It appears that the competition has gone on for much longer than the admin had anticipated, as they updated the remaining participants every day at the beginning but now only bi-weekly.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much more information about the competition and what games they’re playing, to get so many achievements so quickly.

Realistically though, they’re probably using subscription services like Game Pass and PlayStation Plus, as well as their own game libraries, while targeting games that reward you with achievements quickly.

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