Green certificates help some small businesses stand out
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Green certificates help some small businesses stand out

Sustainability can be an effective way to differentiate a company in today’s market. While almost any company can claim to be environmentally friendly, green certifications can help companies actually prove they are making a positive difference.

One such business that recently went through the rigorous certification process is Charlie & Echo, a small winery in San Diego. It is the first winery and tasting room in Southern California to earn California Green Business certification.

Owner Eric Van Drunen told Spectrum News 1, “It’s great that there’s certification because after all this time it’s nice to have some recognition. I went through the whole process and did this thing.”

The certification process involves many small changes to ensure that companies are using sustainable practices. For example, companies can install water filtration systems and switch to toilet paper made from recycled materials. Companies can request an assessment from the California Green Business Network to learn how their current practices are impacting the environment and get tips on how to make positive changes.

Robert Carr of the California Green Business Network helped Charlie and Echo with their process. He told Spectrum News 1, “You can’t fix what you don’t measure, so I think going in there, doing an audit and understanding what you’ve done and what you can do gives them a kind of baseline for what they can do.”

Now, Charlie & Echo is one of more than 4,700 California businesses to earn Green Businesses certification in the past year. But because it’s one of the few businesses with the designation in its niche and location, the certification could ultimately help the winery stand out to eco-conscious consumers.

While almost any company can claim to be “green” or “eco-friendly,” consumers are starting to take these claims with a grain of salt. Those who really care about sustainability want companies to actually back up their claims. Third-party certifications like this can be one way to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.

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