Investigation launched into suspicious death of Fountain woman | News
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Investigation launched into suspicious death of Fountain woman | News

A Colorado Springs family is seeking answers in the suspicious death of 24-year-old Tatiana Llanos on the evening of July 4.

According to officials, around 10:30 p.m., an El Paso County sheriff’s deputy was patrolling the area of ​​Fountain Mesa Road and Caballero Avenue when he came across an unconscious woman lying in the road.

Although residents and rescuers from the Fountain Fire Department attempted resuscitation, the woman could not be revived.

Fountain police said Llanos was not shot or hit by a vehicle.

“Investigators are still investigating this matter and trying to determine what actually happened,” Fountain police spokeswoman Lisa Schneider said.

On Tuesday, the El Paso County Coroner’s Office confirmed that the woman is Llanos, a 2018 graduate of Palmer High School and a Colorado Springs resident.

“We spent the day together like we do every Fourth of July,” Jose Llanos, Tatiana’s father, said Wednesday.

“We are a humble family with Christian background, this is what we like to do – spend time with our children.”

Jose Llanos said the family, including himself, his wife, his son and Tatiana, all went to a barbecue to celebrate the holiday. Jose Llanos said that between 5 and 6 p.m., his daughter decided to continue celebrating with her friends, who he said called an Uber for her.


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“She was supposed to hang out with one person, and then she was supposed to go out and meet another friend, and that’s where things got messy. Very, very messy,” said Jose Llanos, who was told Tatiana planned to return to the barbecue after spending time with friends.

“She never came back to the barbecue,” Jose Llanos said.

Llanos continued, saying he and his wife returned home around 8 p.m. to partake in their tradition of walking their dog while watching fireworks. Their son returned home from a barbecue after midnight.

“My son came home around 3 a.m. and my wife and I were already asleep,” Jose Llanos said.

Then the family heard a knock at the door. Police Lieutenant Fountain and a member of the coroner’s office were standing in the doorway.

“They asked who I was and if I knew Tatiana. That’s when our hearts and worlds turned upside down,” Jose Llanos said.

Llanos said police told him Tatiana was somehow thrown from the vehicle.

“I know there was some sort of altercation in the vehicle. Her (Tatyana’s) cell phone was smashed in the vehicle. We don’t know how her phone was smashed, why she was thrown out of the vehicle, or what the altercation was about.”

“Unfortunately, someone did this to her,” he said.

After graduating from Palmer School, Tatiana lived with her parents and worked as a customer service representative for Spectrum, Jose Llanos said.

He described his daughter as someone with an open heart and a positive attitude to life.

“She was an amazing person, always spreading love. Her friends said that in their circle she was always the one who lifted everyone up, there was no negativity about her,” Jose Llanos said.

The Llanos family and detectives are asking anyone with information about Tatiana’s death to contact them.

“We’re not looking for revenge, we want answers. My daughter didn’t deserve this,” Jose Llanos said.

Anyone with information regarding Tatiana Llanos’ death is asked to contact Fountain Police at 719-382-8555.

Services for Llanos are in progress.