Lookism Chapter 510 Release Date Confirmed
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Lookism Chapter 510 Release Date Confirmed

Daniels’s adventures are only getting more intense in Lookismso readers want to know when they can expect the next batch of pages to arrive. However, the release schedules of webtoons can be tricky. So, here’s the confirmed release date of Lookism Chapter 510.

When Is Lookism Chapter 510 Going to Come Out?

Popular manga typically follow a weekly or monthly release schedule, which works out well, especially if the chapters are hefty. Some webtoons are a little more complicated, but thankfully, Lookism makes things easy. A new chapter comes out every week, and since the last one, 509, arrived on July 5, 2024, 510 is set to drop on July 12.

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The exact time Lookism Chapter 510 is going to release is a bit of a mystery, but eager fans can just go about their day and think about all the different things that can happen. The last few chapters have been intense, so that’s not likely to change.

Where to Read Lookism

Lookism isn’t a hard series to binge, as nearly the entire series is available for free on Webtoons.com. It’s a tough deal to beat for a series that currently has over 500 chapters. However, those who are all caught up and want to read the latest pages will have to download the Webtoons app. Sure, it sounds like a pain, especially when most devices are already filled with apps people don’t use half the time, but this one will be worth it. There are also plenty of other series to check out that can fill the Lookism-sized void between chapters.

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And that’s the confirmed release date of Lookism Chapter 510. If you’re looking for other things to binge, here’s where to read the Leviathan series.

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