How Titilope Gbemisola is battling climate change.
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How Titilope Gbemisola is battling climate change.

There is no exaggerating about climate change and what threat it poses to human existence. Desertification, flooding, as a matter of fact, Lagos is a good example. Some have even said that with the rate at which climate is fighting back at us, Lagos could sink in a few years time.

This is where the likes of Ms. Titilope Gbemisola comes in, her advocacy, her struggles, and fight for the survival of our planet, the only place we can all call home.

Ms. Titilope Gbemisola Akosa, a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Climate Change & Development at Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Abakaliki, is a formidable force in the fight against climate change. As the Executive Director of the Centre for 21st Century Issues, she leverages her extensive expertise to address environmental challenges and advocate for vulnerable communities.


She is a law graduate from Lagos State University and the Nigerian Law School, Akosa is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association. She has further honed her expertise with training in Sustainable Environmental Management from the University of California and leadership programs in the United States, including the prestigious International Visitor Leadership Program. Additionally, she holds a Master’s in Law from the University of Lagos and advanced leadership training from the Lagos Business School.

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Her work in combating climate change

Akosa’s dedication to climate change extends beyond her impressive academic background. She has an international certificate in Urban Adaptation to Climate Change from the International Centre for Climate Change and Development in Bangladesh, equipping her with critical skills to tackle urban environmental challenges.

Her work spans governance, health, environment, climate change, renewable energy, poverty alleviation, and women’s empowerment, both internationally and locally. Akosa is particularly committed to her local community, leading and supporting various development networks and coalitions within and outside Nigeria. Her role as an Alternate Civil Society Observer to the Green Climate Fund underscores her influence and dedication to sustainable development.

In 2009, She led research in collaboration with the International Alliance of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples of the Tropical Forests, the Heinrich Boell Foundation and other local organisations to conduct research on gender and climate change. This was done in order to provide empirical evidence on mainstreaming Gender in Climate Change initiatives in Nigeria.

Titilope Gbemisola. Photo. LinkedIn

And She continues in saving our world..

Under her leadership, the Centre for 21st Century Issues has become a beacon of hope for communities facing the adverse effects of climate change. Akosa’s efforts in community mobilisation and advocacy have made significant strides in raising awareness and driving action toward sustainable environmental practices.

Her role and influence above is the focal reason why she earns the spotlight for today, among the women of magic.

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