Jennie ‘Entitled’? Insider Reveals Anecdote About BLACKPINK Member’s Personality : News : KpopStarz
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Jennie ‘Entitled’? Insider Reveals Anecdote About BLACKPINK Member’s Personality : News : KpopStarz

Following the controversy surrounding BLACKPINK’s Jennie smoking vapes at home, a YouTube user addressed the issue by revealing an anecdote about the idol’s personality and the way she treats the people she collaborates with.

On July 9, former reporter turned YouTube insider Lee Jinho dropped a new vlog featuring BLACKPINK Jennie and her controversy over smoking at home.

The issue was particularly raised after the star posted a vlog recorded in Capri, Italy. She had flown to the island for a Jacquemus event and while watching, eagle-eyed internet users noticed that she was blowing smoke at the staff while applying her make-up.

Initially, some people defended Jennie, claiming it was a diffuser, but she later personally confirmed that she was using e-cigarettes indoors.

In this regard, Lee Jinho explained why this scene became problematic even though Jennie is already an adult.

“For adults, smoking cigarettes isn’t that problematic. But the fact that she smoked in the presence of staff led to personality problems.”

The former reporter then shared an anecdote about Jennie’s demanding nature, saying:

“Jennie is said to be very assertive even among (BLACKPINK) members. The most notable instance was her choice of outfit. Girl groups don’t prepare specific outfits for specific members, but rather prepare several outfits and the members choose the ones they like.”

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He continued:

“Jennie has her own unique style of clothing, so it is said that she is the first member to choose her outfit. Some have noted that she is self-centered because of this series of events. From a celebrity perspective, isn’t it greedy to want to stand out and look prettier? There are also many counterarguments that say it is because of her thorough self-control.”

Returning to the issue of smoking at home, Jinho stated:

“To be honest, it’s true that there are no manners. Whether you smoke outside or inside, it’s a common form of manners not to smoke in the presence of staff.”

But he also explained:

“Jennie didn’t blow smoke in front of (the staff). Because we zoomed in on them, it looked like the two of them were right in front of each other. They were a little further away than they were in the actual video.”

Lee then revealed that it is no surprise in the industry for an idol to smoke, with staff on site admitting that it is a common scene during photoshoots or performances.

He explained that this is one way that stars de-stress while on a strict diet before filming, and they usually do it indoors to avoid unnecessary controversy.

On the other hand, Jennie, through her one-woman label OA Entertainment, apologized following the issue and confirmed to fans that she had also apologized to the staff.

Amidst all this, BLINKs and Jensetters (the fandom) comforted Jennie by leaving positive comments on her social media platforms.

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