Riley Strain’s death raises more questions than answers
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Riley Strain’s death raises more questions than answers


Riley’s Strain

Was death really an accident?!?

Riley’s StrainThe mysterious death in Nashville isn’t all that clear… and the autopsy and surveillance footage only make things worse.

TMZ Studios has a new series, Strange & Suspicious, currently airing on several FOX stations, in which we investigate unexplained and just plain weird stories and now look at the circumstances in which they happened. Riley’s Death.

A college student visiting Nashville with his sorority brothers, Riley left his friends at a bar and drunkenly wandered the streets until he disappeared… until his a body was found swim in the river, without shoes, pants and wallet.

Riley’s clothes weren’t found in the water or riverbed… and his friends didn’t chase him when he was thrown out of the bar, and they’ve since hired lawyers… so they’re not talking about that.

What’s more, the video shows Riley I have problems walking …is clearly drunk and at one point falls to the ground.

The toxicology report showed Riley had a blood alcohol level of .228 and THC in his system… but that doesn’t explain how he ended up in the Cumberland River.

Authorities ruled that Riley’s death was an accidentbut it looks like there’s more to this story.


Where is Riley running in this movie??? Is he going to meet a friend or is he just drunk and lost in an unfamiliar city???

The cops even spoke to Riley during his drinking spree, but in the brief interaction he seemed fine. Was it just adrenaline or evidence that something nefarious had happened to him later that night?!?


We take a look at all the theories and mysteries surrounding Riley’s death in “Strange & Suspicious”… and there’s a lot to look forward to.

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