Detroit residents and leaders focus on improving community after deadly mass shooting
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Detroit residents and leaders focus on improving community after deadly mass shooting

(CBS DETROIT) – Call to action takes place in Detroit’s east side after mass shooting over the weekendTheir message is that it will take a village for our young people to know right from wrong.

“Simple values ​​and morals that we can instill in our young people, we can’t legislate, we can legislate or police it,” said Detroit City Council Speaker Mary Sheffield.

Dozens of people gathered just blocks from where the chaos unfolded on July 7. The city council president explained how to create a safer community: It takes community.

“Come on, what if it was your mother, your sister, your niece, your daughter? Then what would you do? They know who I’m talking to, man. We need to start holding people accountable,” one person told the crowd.

Increased community policing was deployed among the crowd. Family members of the victims even took the time to speak, while shedding tears.

“She was 20 years old. She was shot in the face,” a family member said.

Although Two people were killed and 19 injuredThe effects are many and varied. Even Detroit Police Commission Chairman Darryl Woods is thinking about how these situations can affect people.

“My niece, her sister, was shot in that situation; I never told anyone about it,” Wood said.

The late-night block party had a huge crowd when suddenly gunshots rang out. DPD police are still investigating the cause of the chaos, but the victims range from teenagers to people in their twenties.

One of them is a recent Michigan State University graduate. His fraternity brothers have joined the call to action, demanding better conflict resolution and respect for community.

“Mr. Thornhill had nothing to do with the conflict that broke out, it’s like I have no enemies here, and to have my life taken like this. It’s terrible,” said Omega Psi Phi member Shawn Hurst.

Authorities have already announced a heightened police presence at the block parties. Officials said an investigation was underway into 911 calls made before the shooting.

“We want to be open and transparent in this situation. If there were 911 calls, we’re going to investigate that and be very transparent with the public,” Woods said.