Kamala Harris in the spotlight – The Irish Times
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Kamala Harris in the spotlight – The Irish Times

And chara – Kathy Sheridan somehow manages to judge everything through the prism of gender (“It’s like seeing Kamala Harris for the first time,” Opinion & Analysis, July 10). She accepts that the role of vice president of the United States is one that “requires near invisibility as part of the deal,” but she can’t help but suggest that in Ms. Harris’s case it’s because she’s a woman.

He claims that Donald Trump’s recent and unusual period of silence is because he is waiting to see if his opponent will be a woman. Which, according to your columnist, “would change everything.”

A more rational explanation for Mr. Trump’s silence may be that, with the media in a frenzy about Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities, even he realizes it would be foolish to act as a distraction that would be greatly welcomed by Democrats and his likely opponent in November. – Is mise,



County Kildare.