BDO and FAST Logistics expand green initiatives
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BDO and FAST Logistics expand green initiatives

FAST Logistics Group, a pioneer in voice-picking technology in the Philippines, is using cutting-edge technology to streamline warehouse management for greater efficiency and accuracy. The company is also demonstrating its commitment to sustainability with a solar-powered cold chain center in Cavite powered by 100% renewable energy.

In a joint effort to promote sustainable economic development, BDO Unibank Inc. (BDO) strengthens its partnership with FAST Logistics Group to support initiatives that deliver significant environmental and socioeconomic benefits.

FAST Logistics Group, a leader in logistics and supply chain management, has embarked on significant projects, including the construction of modern mega-warehouses and distribution centers in strategic locations.

These initiatives aim to reduce negative impacts on the environment by increasing efficiency and optimizing the use of resources.

“BDO has consistently supported our growth from a transportation and warehousing business to a comprehensive distribution network. BDO is one of our largest partner banks, consistently helping us transition to digital and more environmentally friendly operations. Their deep understanding of our business has been key to the strength of our partnership,” said William B. Chiongbian II, Group President of FAST Logistics Group.

Renewable energy and sustainable development

FAST Logistics has made significant progress in integrating renewable energy sources into its operations.

The company introduced its first fleet of electric vehicles in the first quarter of 2024 and converted its warehouse in Cabuyao, Laguna, as well as a cold storage facility in Cavite, to solar power.

Currently, five of the group’s facilities are powered exclusively by renewable energy, and there are plans to convert another five facilities in Luzon and Cebu to solar energy.

In addition to solar energy, the company plans to adopt sustainable fuel sources for its fleet to further minimize its carbon footprint. Through continuous innovation, FAST Logistics aims to expand its reach while maintaining efficient and reliable freight movement while incorporating sustainability into its operations.

Digital transformation

In addition to financing large projects, BDO supports FAST Logistics Group’s digitalization efforts. Products such as Cash Management Services streamline cash flow management through Corporate Cash Deposit Machines (CCDM), check scanning devices, and online payment solutions. These tools are key to modernizing operations and ensuring efficiency.

Founded in 1973, FAST Logistics Group is known for its extensive network of contacts and innovative approach to logistics and supply chain solutions.

From multimodal transportation and warehousing management to cold chain, cross-docking operations and value-added services, FAST has evolved to digitalize Philippine logistics from end-to-end.

Long-term partnership

BDO has partnered with FAST Logistics Group for nearly three decades, recognizing the need for an efficient and reliable distribution network to support business growth, particularly in provincial areas. This enduring partnership has allowed FAST Logistics to expand its operations and meet the growing demand for sustainable products and services.

BDO continues to play a vital role in promoting sustainable growth by providing financial support to green businesses in the Philippines. This partnership with FAST Logistics underscores BDO’s commitment to promoting a greener and more equitable future.