When you will receive your school schedule depends on where you study
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When you will receive your school schedule depends on where you study


With summer approaching, students and parents begin to think about the upcoming school year, including what classes they will have at school.

Here’s what we know about when you can expect to see your school schedule:

High school class schedules

Most public high schools in the Mid-Atlantic region typically release schedules a few weeks before the school year begins. Some schools may provide access through online portals, while others may mail physical copies.

Private high schools often have different schedules. It is best to check directly with the school administration for specific dates, but many follow a similar schedule to public schools.

Many high schools send out a preliminary schedule in late July, then a final list of classes before classes begin.

Of course, many high school students found that on the first day of school their schedule had changed again.

High school class schedules

Like high schools, public high schools typically release schedules in early or mid-August. Common methods include online access or mailed schedules.

Again, check with your specific school, but expect private high school schedules to be available at the same time as public schools.

Primary school lesson plans

Public elementary schools often release schedules a little later, usually just before classes start. Some students will not learn their schedule until the first day.

Private primary schools may have a different schedule, so it is recommended to contact the school directly.

Tips for students and parents

Please check your email as schools often send important updates to your registered account.

Log into the portal if your school uses it. Often, unofficial schedules will be posted there first.

If you have not received your class schedule at least a few days before the start of the school year, please contact the school administration.