Zimbabwe Tourism and Conservation Summit brings together key stakeholders in Harare
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Zimbabwe Tourism and Conservation Summit brings together key stakeholders in Harare

Photograph from Zimbabwe Tourism and Conservation Summit
Photograph from Zimbabwe Tourism and Conservation Summit

Zimbabwe: The Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Industry collaborated with the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) to host the Zimbabwe Tourism and Conservation Summit at Cresta Lodge Harare in association with the Ministry of Environment and Wildlife and Wild Africa.

Reportedly, the summit will bring together the key stakeholders in the tourism and conservation sectors to discuss strategies for sustainable tourism development in Zimbabwe.

The Tourism and Conservation Summit of Zimbabwe will focus on topics such as the Convergence of Tourism and Conservation, Financing Models for Sustainable Development and Conservation, transforming Zimbabwe’s image into a competitive brand and the development of new tourism products.

The summit hosted a crucial tourism and conservation round table meeting on Thursday, July 10, 2024. The event aimed to address the challenges which are faced by the sector and brought together by various stakeholders.

Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Industry – Barbara Rwodzi emphasised the importance of the gathering and stated that it will unite the experts to analyse the industry challenges by identifying the areas for improvement and celebrate the successes.

The goal of the summit was to foster a sustainable and resilient tourism industry that benefits both the economy and the environment.

Wild Africa coordinator Guy Jennings highlighted the vital role of the platform, allowing the experts to share experiences and address pressing issues, such as poaching, habitat loss and human-wildlife conflict through collaboration.

The main topics of the discussion will include balancing the economic growth with the environmental conservation strategies for increased community involvement in wildlife conservation, while reviewing the existing policies as well as exploring the potential new regulations and building partnerships for long-term success.

The round-table meeting represented a significant step in Zimbabwe’s efforts to strengthen its tourism sector while prioritising the conservation efforts.

At the summit, the Tourism and Hospitality Industry engaged with the media professionals on Monday. The strategic collaboration comes as the country prepares to host the prestigious United Nations Africa Gastronomy Summit and the SADC Summit next month by presenting a golden opportunity to attract a surge of visitors and stimulate economic growth.